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About Us - Kettering Fairmont

Students, Families, Community Members, and Visitors:

Welcome to Kettering Fairmont High School, where we have “something for everyone!”  We pride ourselves on making sure that all students feel safe and welcome, providing a high-level education and giving our students the opportunity to participate in the wide range of clubs, activities and sports that we offer.

Although Fairmont is considered to be a large high school in the State of Ohio, we are dedicated to making sure our students receive all the supports necessary to be successful. These supports include a high-quality counseling staff, five unit principals, a nationally recognized Response to Intervention secondary program, and others.  Our goal is to make sure each student feels like they have received individualized support to be successful in Fairmont, as well as in life after high school.

Our teachers make the difference!  The faculty and staff at Fairmont are second-to-none. Our teachers dedicate themselves to the students of Kettering and Moraine on a daily basis. To go with our great teachers, we offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, dozens of Advanced Placement courses, a solid college prep curriculum, one of the top Career Tech centers in the State of Ohio, and over 200 courses. 

It is so important for each student to be involved in an outside activity.  Whether this is music, sports, theater, or clubs, Fairmont has something for everyone.  Our athletic, activity, and music departments create dozens of opportunities for our students to be involved in something they love outside of the school day.

If you are considering Fairmont High School as an option for your student or you would like more information about our school, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  I believe you will find that Fairmont is for You!

Karyn Denslow
(937) 499-1600

Kettering Fairmont High School Unit Principals

         Tim Johnson                            Amy Epperson                          Jenny Britton                    Jeff Renshaw
            East Unit                                   Central Unit                                West Unit                          South Unit

Kettering Fairmont High School
3301 Shroyer Road
Kettering OH 45429

Phone: (937)-499-1600
Fax: (937) 499-1661

Karyn Denslow, Campus Principal
(937) 499-1600

Tim Johnson, Principal East Unit
(937) 499-1621

Amy Epperson, Principal Central Unit
(937) 499-1624

Jenny Britton, Principal West Unit
(937) 499-1626

Jeff Renshaw, Principal South Unit
(937) 499-1630
Liz Jensen, Fairmont Career Tech Center Principal
(937) 499-1633

Kettering Fairmont High School Academic Profile

Kettering Fairmont High School
Program of Studies